Protecting our Imaan

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Six points on How to die with iman!!

1. Shukr for iman:

Shukr of all blessings is necessary, especially for the blessing of Iman. Allah says in the Quran “If you are grateful, I will give you more” So, when we thank Allah for giving us Iman, He will not only protect our Iman, He will increase it for us. Following sentences can be effective for shukr.

الحمد لله علي نعمة الإسلام
الحمد لله الذي هدانا لهذا و ما كنا لنهتدي لولا ان هدا نا الله لقد جاءت رسل ربنا بالحق

2. Duas for protection of iman:

When you are concerned about something, you beg Allah for help. So Busy yourself in supplicating regularly for the protection of your iman. Show some concern and make lots of duas. For example:

ربنا لا تزغ قلوبنا بعد اذ هديتنا و هب لنامن لَّدُنك رحمة انك انت الوهاب
(O our Lord, do not deviate our hearts after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from Yourself. Indeed, You are the Bestower)

ربنا فاغفرلنا ذنوبنا وكفِّر عنا سيِّاٰتنا وتوفنا مع الأبرار
(O our Lord, forgive our sins, expiate our wrongdoings and grant us death with the righteous)

توفني مسلما وألحقني بالصالحين
(Make me die as a Muslim and join me with the pious)

يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي علي دينك
(O Turner of the Hearts, make my heart firm upon Your religion)

3, Do what you need to do to protect Iman: for example,

3A) Punctuality upon all Salah, especially fajr:
Be punctual of all religious duties, especially Salah. And the most important duty is getting up for fajr Salah. A hadith say when a person prays fajr, he/she comes under the protection of Allah.
من صلي الصبح فهو في ذمة الله……..
من صلي البردين دخل الجنة…………..

3B) Dhikrullah is highly effective in protecting Iman, especially kalima tayyiba “La Ilaha illallah” Read it at least 100 times every day.

جددوا إيمانكم…… ليس علي اهل لا اله الاالله وحشة في القبور ولا عند النشور
ما من عبد يقول لا اله الا الله ماة مرة ….
ان القلوب تصدء كما يصدء الحديد اذا أصابه الماء……جلاءها… ذكر الله، تلاوة القران، كثرة ذكر الموت

3C) Abundance of Salat alan Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) ie. Durud Sharif:
For 100 durood a day, glad tidings of freedom from nifaq (hypocrisy).
Shafa’at on the Day of Qiyamah for those who send lots of Durood.
Whoever recites 1000 durood everyday, will see his jannah before he dies, (ie. see it in a dream)

3D) Perform Salah with Takbeere Oola (the first Takbeer of imam).
Do this for at least for 40 days, and then, as much as possible. InshaAllah, two certificates will be given to you. 1, being free from hypocrisy, 2, being protected from the fire of jahannam.
براءة من النفاق و براءة من النار

3E) Read Surah Kaafiroon before going to sleep:
One hadith says that reading it at night is baraatun minash shirk (keeps you free of shirk)
Also Read Suratul Ikhlaas in abundance. One Hadith states that reading it 100 times a day will guarantee freedom from jahannam.

3F) Use miswak regularly. There are plenty of virtues for using siwaak and keeping the mouth clean from foul smell. Many mashaaikh relate their experience that it helps in reminding the kalima at the time of death.

السواك مطهرة للفم مرضاة للرب
ركعتان بالسواك افضل من سبعين ركعة بدونها
مشايخ كا تجربه
دركز (افيم) سي محرومي از كلمه

On the other hand, drugs and intoxicants deprive a person of the kalima at the time of death.

4, Refrain from everything you should refrain from:

4A) Avoid all sins. Don’t take sins lightly.
Every sin is grave. In fact, when one belittles a sin, it become all the more dangerous.
المعاصي بريد الكفر….
لا يزني الزاني حين يزني و هو موءمن….
وإياك والمعصية فان بالمعصية حلّٓ سخط الله

4B) Keep your gaze under control.

Don’t keep watching movies and dramas. Don’t fornicate in your mind with the actors and actresses you see on the screens. Don’t dream about living like them. It’s all a fake life & the smiles are fake. If you were to see their real life, you would realise how much they crave for the inner peace. They literally starve for it. Why are there so many divorces among celebrities? Shaytaan is an open enemy of every human being; Muslim or Kafir. He hates seeing a son of Adam in peace, thus he harasses everyone.

So control your gaze
ما من عبد ينظر الي محاسن امرأة اول مرة ثم يغض بصره
الا احدث الله له عبادة يجد حلاوتها في قلبه
Hadith: “No servant sees the beauty of a woman at the first instance, then lowers his gaze except that Allah will grant him tawfeeq of such worship, that he will experience it’s sweetness in his heart.” This is the sweetness of Iman, which will stay with until he dies, InshaAllah.

النظر سهم مسموم من سهام إبليس…..
Hadith: “The gaze is one of the poisonous arrows of Iblees.” He poisons the heart’s inner condition, which contains Iman as well.

5) Even after taking all neccassary steps, don’t rely upon your efforts, but Make a covenant with Allah;

Ask him to protect your Iman and to deliver it to you when you will need it the most, ie. at the time of your death.

One hadith says that when a person makes the following pledge with Allah,
اللهم رب السماوات والارض عالم الغيب والشهادة اني اعهد إليك في هذه الحيوة الدنيا اني اشهد ان لا اله الا انت وحدك لا شريك لك وان محمدا عبدك و رسولك و انك ان تكلني الي نفسي تقربني من الشر وتباعدني من الخير واني لا اثق الا برحمتك فاجعل لي عندك عهدا ترفينيه يوم القيامه انك لا تخلف الميعاد

Allah will say to the Angels on the day of qiyamah “My servant had made a pledge with me, therefore fulfil it”. Thus Allah will grant him entry in to jannah.

6, Finally, Get Bay’at to a Shaykhe Kaamil, and remain in his company or stay in touch and keep connected. Islaah of Nafs is imperative. Strengthening the Iman is of utmost importance. In the age of technology, it is very easy to keep in touch with your shaykh and benefit by practicing upon his instructions and referring to him in spiritual needs.

There are a number of incidents which show that good company benefits at the time of death.
• Incident of Razi at the time of death
•Mufti Mahmood saheb’s letter to Hazrat shaykh
•A Tabi’ee Calling Hasan Basri at his time of death
• Angel of death shows faces of companions at the time of death. Good companions will be shown, and this will remind a person of kalimah upon death bed. The best good companion is a Kaamil shaykh. (One who follows the Sunnah in totality).

May Allah preserve and protect our iman. May He save us from the terrible fitnas that have surrounded us from all sides. We can’t see any escape, so we have to seek refuge with Allah. “La Hawla Wa La Quwwata illa billah…”
Surely Allah is potent over everything. He has everything under control. He will bring better times as well. Fitnas have come and gone but Deen still remains and will remain until the day of qiyamah.

We have to keep reminding ourselves first and thereafter, remind our brothers and sisters, due to the verse:

و ذكِّر فان الذكري تنفع المؤمنين

“And Remind! Because reminders benefit the believers”

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