1. Why the name ‘An Nafi’?

The word An Nafe, derived from the arabic word  meaning to be beneficial. We thought this name to be fitting as this is what we hope our academy to be. “The Beneficial” Academy, where our children can benefit and make good use of all the Islamic education they will receive, InshaAllah.

2. Where is the academy located?

The address is,

396 Wigan Road,
BL3 4QH.

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3. What are the academy opening ours?

The Academy is open Monday-Friday from 5:00-7:30pm.

Please note times for weekend activities, and Masjid prayer times vary.

4. What are the subjects that will be taught?

The following four subjects will be primarily taught:


  • Islamic Studies in English.
  • Arabic Studies.
  • Qur’an recitation and memorization.
  • Practical demonstrations on Salaah, Wudhu.


5. What age range of children will you be accepting?

Unfortunatley due to the limited size on our premises, we are currently only taking beginners from the age of 4-5 for the reception class.

6. How will the subjects be taught?

Students will be organised in to small groups, where they will have a different subject teacher who is suited for that particular subject. The children will move from one classroom to the next.

7. What school of law (madhab) will be taught at the school?

The Hanafi madhab will be taught at the school.

8. Will there be separate classes for boys and girls?

In the early years, the pupils may be mixed.

9. What is the average class size?

At present we have an average of 10 children per class in our Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies class, with an additional teacher’s assistant in some of the classes (resulting in a 5:1 ratio ideally). We feel this student to teacher ratio is ideal as the teacher will be connected at a much greater degree with each child.

10.What happens to children who are switching from another madrasah?

We would assess the level of the child’s understanding and then put him/her in the most appropriate level.

11. Will my child be assessed?

Yes, your child will have a short assessment when he/she attends the first session so we can put him/her in the most appropriate level. You will then be sent a report which shows the progress of your child. Parents are also invited to come in to discuss their child/children’s progress and any recommendations which the teachers have made, and are encouraged to discuss their childs progress with the teachers at any time of the year.Teachers primarily use the ‘Student communication book’ as a way of keeping parents informed about individual issues or concerns.

12. Are the Parents allowed to visit the school?

Parents are welcome to visit the school. However, the school policy requires that all visitors report to sign in and secure a visitor’s badge before going to any part of the building. This policy has been created to avoid unnecessary interruption of classes and to assist in providing a safe and secure learning environment. A visit to your child’s classroom will be most effective if arranged in advance with the class teacher.

13. How much will it cost?


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