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This is a class for students of Masjid-e-Ali’s Sunday ATS lessons. The class will only be added to during term time and therefore will be moving more slowly than other ATS classes due to school holidays etc. Please join our “Open To All” ATS class on “Quizlet” for more regular updates & new lessons.
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Assalamu’alaykum & welcome!
“Arabic Through Salat” is a unique Classical Arabic course designed to allow anyone of any age to learn Classical Arabic that WILL be relevant and useful to them on a daily basis insha-ALLAH.
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There are 3 major issues with Arabic teaching in the world today:
1. It is not being taught widely enough! We are left with many devoted Muslims who “perform” or “practice” Islam ritualistically but without understanding what they say in prayer or what ALLAH swt is communicating to us all. So much of what our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallALLAHu’alayhi wasallam actually taught & explained to us is also being lost in translation;
2. When taught, Arabic is often heavily steeped in the complicated (though beautiful) grammatical & morphological rules which overwhelm the average student who is not studying at a scholarly level or in a Darul Uloom or University setting;
3. Many courses, even in Madaaris, Makaatib & Masaajid, teach MSA (Modern Standard Arabic). This can be helpful in aiding understanding of how the language works butincludes a great deal of irrelevant material to those seeking understanding of Quran and Hadith etc. Instead, it is geared towards modern spoken (and colloquial) Arabic which is largely useless to those not seeking to live or work in Arabia or to read modern Arabic literature & media.
“Arabic Through Salat” seeks to bridge the gap for anyone who is as disenchanted as the course designer was until, aged 40, he was finally given the means and opportunity to devise “Arabic Through Salat” for his children, family and anyone else who wishes to understand EXACTLY what they are saying in their Salat and when reading or reciting Quran and Hadith.
By learning 10 – 20 words a week this course helps the student piece together the very words being said in daily prayers. You can learn for 10 minutes a day on the Quizlet “App” on the way to school or on the commute to work for example! The course is currently being taught to students ranging from the age of 7 to age 57, children and parents alike, learning together and helping one another develop their relationship with ALLAH swt through understanding their daily devotional prayers in Arabic.
Remember, there is no age limit to learning and that the live classes also add occasional grammar & morphology where relevant, in bite-sized chunks and, more importantly, in our teacher led classes in the community, a few words a week are discussed in-depth (Tafsir) in order to add to the deeper understanding and closeness to ALLAH through the prayer.
Please pray for the course designer and his family, friends and teachers who are all helping to develop “Arabic Through Salat” into a formal manual for delivery in anysetting. May ALLAH swt accept us all in His path and help us all in our efforts to develop a more meaningful relationship with Him and the best of creation, our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallALLAHu ‘alayhi wasallam. Aameen!

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